May 2016

                                    The Power in our Words, Thoughts, & Feelings.


We can talk about what we want (or do not want), but if we are not Feeling it, it will not happen.  It is our Thoughts and Feelings that create our reality, not what we say.  When our words do match our Thoughts and Feelings, it locks it all in.  We become Empowered when we realize that what we are locking in can either be negative or positive.  

One of the greatest rewards of offering people the tools to become Empowered is witnessing the amazing Transformation that takes place from our initial session to our closing session.  We don’t know what we don’t know, and we often don’t realize how powerful we are.  What we Think about, Feel, and Say really does create our reality.  

At the beginning of our sessions, I hear people talking about a variety of challenges that cause them feelings of stress, frustration, anxiety, anger, and more.  As they continue to talk, I can feel their energy match what they are saying.  When they begin to receive tools to assist them in building their awareness, they start to pay attention to what they are saying…, what they are thinking…, and most importantly…, how they are feeling.  It is then that a beautiful shift begins to emerge. 

Dedicate the Month of May to paying attention to what you are paying attention to.  Be sure your Words, Thoughts, and Feelings are in alignment what you really want.


  Smile,                                                                                                                                           Wade