Dr. K. Salzano
San Diego, CA

Dear Wade,

I have to laugh, even though I knew I'd have to do 'some' work to gain the growth that I was looking for - I honestly thought that you'd be doing 'most of it'. I didn't truly connect to my role in 'being in control' of my life. I thought I'd walk into the "True Transformations' store' and purchase the me I wanted to live with.

Even though "I" had to work... (and there were times I did not want to), your Coaching and Tools and wonderful sense of humor enabled me to do what I needed to do to get nearer to my goals; being in control of my thoughts, living with awareness and taking two steps forward each day with a positive outlook. I am left with deep feelings of peace and confidence (we might call it joy).

It was great working 'with' you.

Chula Vista

Hi Wade!

Thank you for checking in on me! Every day is a another day of progress for me. I am continually using all the tools you have given me to make every challenge thrown at me just a little bit easier.

I am continuing to take Full Responsibility for myself each and every waking moment. I've begun to free myself from the toxic relations that I have with certain people, and as a result, gained new friends who have helped me stay and build on my Solid Foundation.

Just this weekend, I ran the Tough Mudder for the first time. Our team made it all the way through the 10.6 mile, 20 obstacle course in less than 6 hours, which was an amazing accomplishment. I was especially amazed at how much I was able to do. I've even thought about training hard the rest of this year and running it competitively next year!

I've turned in my paperwork to the Navy and have been medically cleared for Active Duty. I now have to wait about 2 more months until I find out if I have been selected for Officer Candidate School or not. I am fully committed to this and I will eventually be a Navy SEAL! 

Lastly, I've taken up a Chinese martial art called Wing Chun to test my mental, physical, and emotional fortitude. It is actually the first martial art that Bruce Lee learned and incorporates lots of concepts beyond just self-defense. In fact, my instructor comes from a lineage of instructors that stretch back to Bruce Lee's very instructor, Ip Man. Relaxation, in the physical and mental sense, is the key to training well in this art, and it is truly the hardest martial art I have ever learned. The discipline and patience required to learn this system exhausts me, but I believe that without making that True Transformation, I would have been much harder for me to stick around and continue with it.

I hope all is well with you and that you are continuing to help others Ignite their Inner Torch. I will keep in touch all the way until I leave for OCS, which is expected to be early next year.

Once again, thank you.


Richard Miller
Laguna Hills, CA

“Thank you Wade”,

We’ve known each other for 6-7 years, mainly as a sponsor of my race car. This past September, while my race car was in your booth at Crusin’ for a Cure, I found out that you offered something way more important, your Life Coaching, a part of you I feel you’re very passionate about. I was able to benefit greatly for it. The day I asked you for help was the first step of a new life.

I struggled for many years with depression, PDST and had seen many psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors always chasing the right combo of drugs and therapy, all with no results. I felt like I was walking through life in a war zone with a butter knife. With your help of positive thought, hypnosis and learning to truly trust and believe in myself, it gave me the confidence to do and try things with a whole new attitude and positive results. I couldn’t believe the change in my mind and spirit. It has changed my life so much that there is truly no words of thanks that equal the results I’ve achieved with working with you.

A few weeks after we finished our sessions, I was hit with kidney stones and was rushed to the emergency room. The pain was unbelievable and the medication they were giving me didn’t make a dent. I remembered to start to gain control in my breathing and eventually put myself into a self-hypnosis. Within a few minutes I was able to control the enormous pain I was in. The emergency doctor couldn’t believe the control I was able to achieve with my pain. With tools like the ones you armed me with, I now feel I walk around that battle field of life with an AK-47.

Thanks Wade.



I also want to thank you. Your positive enthusiasm towards Richard has been a godsend. I have always known about Richard’s good heart, but now what I always knew was inside is now coming out. He has been slowly progressing to be the man he is now, but what you contributed has put him over the edge. I know that none of this would have happened without Richard wanting it and I know he did a lot of work to get where he is, but your belief in him…. What can I say? Thank you doesn’t cover it.

Marilyn Whiting
Aliso Viejo

Dear Wade

Just before Christmas last year, I was introduced to you. As we talked, you ask if I would consider using you as a Performance Coach for my small home business that I was struggling with. I can tell you now that saying yes was without a doubt the smartest thing I have ever decided to do. We started out on a marketing plan for my little home business of sewing one-of-kind jackets, purses, animals and Christmas crafts. All went well and the business took off with your help. At about the end of the 10 weeks, I had a bad depression set in; and we began working on that problem. Gradually I started to open up to you about a problem that was so much more intense and deep than just marketing my silly sewing, and I thought that perhaps you could help me. It was a problem that almost ruined my heath, family relationships, and sanity.

For almost 9 years I had been suffering with severe depression and PTSD. I had been sexually assaulted by a male R.N. in the hospital the same day I had been operated on to replace both my knees. I don’t believe in chance happenings but I do know that God put me in touch with you because I needed you so very much.

After nine years of terror, nightmares, deep depression, severe flashbacks and OCD of locking every door and window a dozen times a night, I was offered the chance to be a part of an NLP Fast Phobia session. I can’t begin to thank you enough for first recognizing the problem and then knowing what the solution was. The outcome of that one session was astounding. After nine years, I can actually walk into that same hospital. Before the session I couldn’t go within a mile of the hospital. Your Coaching has been a God send to me, and I can honestly say I feel I have my life back. I think of all the people out there who could benefit from your knowledge and skills. I will always recommend you to anyone I think can benefit from just knowing you. I will think of you always my friend as I step into my Circle of Happiness.

Much Love to you my friend and Coach

Sherry Randell
Phoenix, AZ


I wanted to send you a huge "Thank You" for helping me to overcome what had been a huge fear barrier for me. It wasn't until a few weeks after your working with me that I realized it had been 28 years since falling through that glass door. Twenty-eight years I lived with that fear; and it doesn't even come up for me now! I remember easily the tips you gave me and can even ride the glass elevators at the mall now. I so appreciate your expertise, patience and time, and especially your belief in me. Thank you and count on me anytime you need a reference.

Karen M. White
Divine Time Astrology
Santa Ana, CA   

Wade became my coach exactly when I most needed one; when I was starting my own full-time business. Much to my surprise, I couldn't figure out how to organize my day and my tasks. I was forgetting important appointments with clients, double-booking clients, and feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that had to be done. In short, I was spinning my wheels and progressing very slowly, often dithering for hours. I was starting to doubt my ability to be in business for myself.

Wade helped me to bring my tasks down to earth, in real time, by first helping me to look at my calendar before doing anything else. He coached me on this simple thing until it became a habit. It sounds elementary, but it made ALL the difference in how productive I was. He coached me on using a Priority Board on a daily basis so I could see what I needed to do NOW, and what I wanted to do in the future. If I don't SEE it, I forget it.

Then he helped me to organize my desk/office by holding me accountable for getting the necessary office equipment. Another thing that seems small and unimportant, yet makes all the difference in my ability to think clearly, and to find things when I need to!

Being skilled in NLP techniques, he coached me on building my confidence and overcoming my
"fear of success." Now I have a very helpful tool to use whenever I need to do something scary for the first time (such as public speaking, submitting my articles all over the internet).

Wade is able to soar in the clouds with you when you are dreaming about what kind of business you can have, but is greatest skill, in my opinion, is his ability to then bring it down into concrete reality in a step-by-step manner. He never seemed to get bored with continually reminding me of the demands of the "real world," showing me that I can do anything, but only by doing it in small chunks.

Wade has a great sense of humor and a high level of energy. Our coaching sessions were fun. Creating a business is a lot of work, but when you have fun doing it, it makes it a lot easier.

If you want to get out of your own way, get past your fears, bring your overwhelm down to manageable, doable, daily practices, make great progress in building your business, and have fun doing it, Wade is the coach that will get you where you want to go. I'm VERY grateful that I got to work with him!

Dear Wade,

I want to thank you for your interest and insight regarding a couple of issues that had been bothering me and affecting my daily thoughts. One problem had been bothering me for years which continued to build while the other was regarding an unpleasant neighbor and a relatively new situation.

You helped me organize and "tweak" my thinking which completely changed the way I looked at these two problems. Your insight and techniques to problem solving worked for me immediately. By changing my thinking, I was able to be less critical and affected by others' bad behavior... and for that, I am very grateful. By asking me several pointed questions, you were able to get to the root of my issues. In fact, you nailed it! You taught me a few skills to change my thought process which continues to help me to be the best I can be each day with relationships and other challenges that arise from time to time. 

Wade, you are a star! Thank you for shining on me!

leanne mellon
Oceanside, CA   


Dear Wade,
Just a note to thank you for inspiring me to think positively prior to my recent surgery. It wasn't easy to take lightly what the doctors expected. They were so sure my cancer had returned and the constant pain seemed to confirm that in my mind. Until you, magically, gave me the strength to conquer my fears and feed them consistently with truly positive thoughts. There was no malignancy! I actually went through the procedure confident and recuperated with no pain at all and feeling healthier than I had in years. 

I learned that I can apply those positive thoughts and techniques in all phases of my life. That has kept me on an even keel through all my days, resulting in contentment that I had not known before you taught me ideas that I have been able to instill into my daily thoughts - on all subjects - causing happiness that had never been consistent before. 

How can I thank you properly for such a wonderful gift! It has actually become a habit, a way of life; a kind of magic, it seems. Here I am at the age of 78, wishing I had had your help early in my life. What a difference there could have been! But, I will be content to be thankful for the present and future peacefulness you have given me. Thank you with all of my heart.

helen mackibben

Photograph provided by Jared Chambers