About Wade


Wade served in the United States Marine Corps and held a top secret clearance until receiving an honorable discharge in 1983.

Wade and Laura have been married since 1986, and have raised three wonderful children.
In 1993, Wade started Drivelines Incorporated, drivelinesinc.com and developed an outstanding reputation through consistent quality, honesty, and service.

Wade is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Certified Health and Master NLP Practitioner, and A Certified Professional Performance Coach.

”Everything I do is based on integrity. Integrity is like a strong and beautiful oak tree.
The massive trunk represents Integrity, and all the branches that are supported by this powerful trunk, represent characteristics such as:

  • honesty

  • compassion

  • sincerity

  • dependability

  • trust

Resulting in a beautiful tree standing strong and proud.”

It is this vision that drives Wade and keeps his inner torch lit, giving him the inspiration and energy to be his very best.

This amazing energy creates a passion within him each day to inspire others to discover and ignite their own inner torch so they can realize their greatness and accomplish anything.

“There is no beauty but the beauty of action”
— Ancient Proverb

Photograph provided by Jared Chambers