Performance Coaching is a partnership/commitment between two people that will Co-Create Powerful Transformations by working together. To be effective, Performance Coaching must be strategic and customized to you based on the issues and concerns that are important to you. This critical aspect of the relationship is essential in motivating and inspiring you to make the Transformations you desire. Each Performance Coaching Session will be tailored to you, your vision, and your values. The primary goal of Performance Coaching is to establish a Powerful Foundation so that you can and will be in Full Control. No more feeling like a dog chasing his tail, or tumbleweed being blown aimlessly in every direction. This will be accomplished through several phases. Each phase will be a building block to establish your Solid and Unshakeable Foundation. You will learn many valuable tools through each phase of the Performance Coaching relationship that will:


  • Allow you to construct a Powerful Foundation

  • Enable you to confidently continue building and strengthening your Foundation long after you have completed the Sessions.

At True Transformations, the core components for the Foundation that you will be developing are:

1) Awareness --
Living on Purpose.... not by Default. This will be accomplished through the process of becoming Aware of yourself and your thoughts.

2) Trust and Belief --
Developing a Powerful Trust and Belief in yourself.

3) Empowerment --
"Igniting Your Inner Torch" and Stepping into your Greatness!

The Foundation you establish will be the most valuable gift you will ever give to yourself.

The Gift of Being in........ FULL CONTROL!!!

“Change the story and you change perception;
change perception and you change the world.”
— Jean Houston

Photograph provided by Shane King