April 2016

Using Curiosity to break a Habit

There is a way to gain more control over our habits and other things that we seem to “mindlessly” do.  These seemingly “mindless” reactions to certain situations are in fact a developed behavior that can be altered through awareness. 

We train ourselves to do what we do by repeating a pattern several times until we build an “unconscious competence” with it. Most of our “unconscious competence” is established by Default. Making a choice to become Aware and live on Purpose instead of by Default allows us to reshape our “unconscious competence” of bad habits that we seem to have no control over.  This enables us to be in Full Control of our decisions. 

Our conscious and unconscious minds are always working together whether it is by Default or on Purpose.

For example:

We see cake ...  we eat cake ... we feel good … we repeat.

It becomes unconscious competence,

and …, we can get out of shape.


We see cigarettes... we smoke cigarettes ... we relax ... we repeat.

It becomes unconscious competence, 

and …, we poison our body. 

There is always a pattern:

We see the cake ... which triggers an emotion in our bodies, (pleasure), that we have built an unconscious competence with. 

We then eat the cake ... "mindlessly”.  

We can use Awareness to help break a bad habit by being “Curious” about the causes and effects of our actions.  The next time you see the cake;  become “Curious” before you react. Pause for a minute, consciously assess the “urge” you are feeling.  Get “Curious” about how you would feel if you didn’t eat the cake, or if you ate something else instead;  and how you would feel if you do decide to go ahead and eat the cake.  

By pausing and being curious, you have now made the distinction of controlling the habit, and not being controlled by the habit. Repeat this process every time you encounter a habit you want to change.  

By living on Purpose and becoming Aware, you will now be able to Pause for a second instead of reacting. This will allow you to become “Curious” about your actions, and then be able to Choose what you really want to do.  

Dedicate the Month of April to become “Curious” and Empowered!

 Smile,                                                                                                                                           Wade