March 2016

The Last 4 months I broke down each of the 4 keys in “TRIC”.  Below I have them all together.

                                     Four Keys To Build your Awareness and Success                  


Key# 1)   Truthfulness:

     Truthfulness is about taking the blinders off and being honest about where you are in your life, how you got there, and how you're feeling about it.  It's about taking a look at and acknowledging that you might need to change certain things about yourself and your life, and most importantly, why you should want to. Being truthful with yourself will allow you to become aware of why you do the things that you do, and if you really want to, or need to change.  Being truthful gives you the power to be in Full Control.

Key# 2)   Responsibility:

     It's important to take responsibility for where you are in your life, and to take responsibility for your actions and reactions to any circumstances that you may encounter.  Knowing that you have choices, and being open to different possibilities, will remind you not to focus the blame on any particular person or event.  Take responsibility and be patient with yourself, by taking 2 Steps Forward, each and every day to get to where you want to be emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Key# 3)   Inner Strength:

     There will be challenges that lie ahead, and not everything is always going to be easy, but you will get through it with Inner Strength, perseverance, and determination.  It will require an understanding on your part . . ., a Trust and Belief that you can meet the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead.  Overcoming challenges will increase your self-esteem and motivation, strengthening the Trust and Belief you will be building within Yourself.  Through Hypnosis you will establish a Powerful Communication that will resonate directly with your Subconscious, creating Harmony and a Rapport with your entire being.  Acknowledging your Inner Strength will allow you to Step into and Own your Greatness 

Key# 4)   Commitment:

     We are all committed to things that are important to us in our lives - family, loved ones, friends, jobs, relationships, and hobbies.  Now is the time to commit to yourself!   Make yourself just as important as you do to the family, friends, jobs, and hobbies.  Make a commitment to yourself, whatever that commitment may be, and take it seriously.  It’s important and you deserve it!  This is your life, that you get to create any way you want.  Building a Powerful Trust and Belief in yourself will Empower you to stay committed to your Dreams and Goals, causing them to metamorphose into Reality.       

It’s about building awareness . . .

Going to a place inside yourself . . .

Acknowledging yourself . . .

Trusting and Believing in yourself . . .

Stepping into your Greatness . . . 

and most importantly . . .

Being in Full Control!      

T.R.I.C.  = Truthfulness - Responsibility - Inner Strength - Commitment

Truthfulness = You are being Truthful, developing a Powerful Trust and Belief in Yourself, allowing you to be in Full Control.  

Responsibility = You are taking Full Responsibility to build and create your Reality.  2 Steps Forward, each and every day.

Inner Strength = You are Driven, Motivated and Inspired to be your Very Best;  Stepping into and Owning your Greatness.

Commitment = You have “Ignited Your Inner Torch” By making a commitment to the most important person…….  YOU!!!  

Anytime you encounter a struggle with something, you may find that one or more of the key components of T.R.I.C. 

are missing. It could be that;

1) You are not being Truthful with yourself in what you are trying to do…,

2) You are not taking Responsibility for what it is you are trying to do, or needing to change…,

3) You are not Trusting and Believing in yourself and the Power of your Inner Strength…,


4) You have not made a Commitment to yourself to see your Goals and Dreams become Reality.  

When you find yourself struggling with a problem, take a moment to evaluate which one or more of the 4 keys are missing.

Your “Inner Torch” will be “Ignited” once T.R.I.C. is complete and you will discover the power of being in Full Control.

Dedicate the Month of March to becoming Aware and Successful by using the “TRIC”!

Smile,                                                                                                                                           Wade

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