November 2015

For the last 2 months of 2015 and the first 2 months in 2016 I will go about breaking down a process I call “TRIC” which will enable you to create Awareness and Success. There are 4 key elements in the “TRIC” to build your Awareness and Success These 4 keys can be utilized to unlock your True Potential to accomplish your goals: 

Truthfulness - Responsibility - Inner Strength - Commitment = “TRIC”

Key# 1) Truthfulness:
   Truthfulness is about taking the blinders off and being honest about where you are in your life, how you got there, and how you're feeling about it. It's about taking a look at and acknowledging that you might need to change certain things about yourself and your life, and most importantly, why you should want to. Being truthful with yourself will allow you to become aware of why you do the things that you do, and if you really want to, or need to change. Being truthful gives you the power to be in Full Control.

   The first key, “Truthfulness”, is very important, (as each key element is). If you are working on changing or setting a goal, you have to be Truthful with yourself about the reasons why. If you Truly want to improve yourself or accomplish a chosen goal, then you should, and will by following the next 3 Keys.

   If you Truly don’t want to accomplish a chosen goal or don’t feel the need to change a certain aspect of yourself, then you should not pursue it. Only doing it because someone else wants you to, or because you’ve heard it is the "Right" thing to do, is potentially setting yourself up for failure.

   Most important is your ability to be Truthful and in touch with yourself.. Only you will know how you feel, and only you can make the choice of which path to take. As you Trust and Believe in Yourself, you will discover that you are taking the correct path.

Truthfulness: You are being Truthful, developing a Powerful Trust and Belief in Yourself allowing you to be in Full Control

Dedicate the Month of November to being Truthful with yourself and becoming Empowered.