October 2015

Love vs Anger is our Choice


There is no right or wrong with how we choose to be, it is our own personal path. We can choose to respond to life with Love, Peace, Harmony, and Understanding. And we can choose to respond to life with Anger, Frustration, Hate, and Resentment.

What is important to know, is that we always have a choice. The Key is to then pay attention and be fully aware of how we are choosing to respond.

We may choose Anger, because we think it makes us feel better… Allowing us to "Vent.” Venting from Anger restricts us, and shuts down all our rational thoughts. Venting from Love opens us up, and Empowers us!

We may also choose Anger because we feel Love is weak. Choosing Love is not choosing to be weak, it is choosing to not allow people to walk all over us.

From Love we can still establish our boundaries, and hold our ground. Love is Strength!

Believing that we always have a choice and then being aware of how we choose to respond to our daily events allows us to be in Full Control!

Dedicate the Month of October to become Empowered by paying attention to how we are Choosing to respond.