December 2015

In November, I covered the T in the “TRIC” process; a process to enable you to create Awareness and Success. This month I will cover the second key element; R, (“Responsibility”). 

Truthfulness - Responsibility - Inner Strength - Commitment = “TRIC”

Key# 2) Responsibility:
   It's important to take responsibility for where you are in your life, and to take responsibility for your actions and reactions to any circumstances that you may encounter. Knowing that you have choices, and being open to different possibilities, will remind you not to focus blame on any particular person or event. Take responsibility and be patient with yourself. Start taking 2 Steps Forward, each and every day to get to where you want to be emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

   The second key, “Responsibility”, gives you the ability to be in Full Control. This is a Powerful key that places you in the driver’s seat or your life.

   Going through life making excuses to try and justify how you are, why you react a certain way, or blame everyone and everything, is like being a tumbleweed getting tossed around whichever way the wind blows. Having no control in this respect is ultimately giving away your Power.

   When you take the Responsibility for your life, your actions and reactions, what you have created and will create; you stop the blame game and you stop giving away your Power!

   Responsibility: You are taking Full Responsibility to build and create your Reality. 2 Steps Forward, each and every day. 

   Dedicate the Month of December to taking Responsibility for what You have created, and what You will create. Give yourself the Power to be in Full Control.