February 2015

Life is meant to be Joyous, but then again . . ., "Life Happens".  

Unexpected events and situations occur that can force us to ask;  "Why?"  

"Why did this happen to me . . .?" 

"Why can I not . . .?"

"Why do I keep . . .?"

"Why is everything . . .?"

"WHY!!! . . .?"

Why???... well....  Why not?  What if the "Why" that is happening to you...  is actually happening for you?

What if the Why is meant to Empower you?

When an event or situation makes us ask ..."Why?", what if it is meant to make us think. . .?;  to Challenge us!

What is the difference between Why... and Y?


The difference is You!

Sometimes we can get lazy or complacent, or take things for granted.  

Maybe when a "Why" shows up in our life, it's not necessarily a bad thing.  

It may actually be meant to Wake us Up, to Inspire and Motivate us!  

 The "Why" is just a way to Empower.... You.

Make FebruarY the Month You become Empowered and in Full Control!!!