March 2015

. . . A World Without War . . .

"World Peace"... It is something that is becoming more and more urgent.
What is World Peace?
Why does it seem so difficult to attain?
Why does it seem to be so fragile?

I feel there is something deeper than Peace, and I believe that something is Love, Harmony, and Understanding.

We can have Peace without having Love, Harmony, and Understanding.
But when you go deeper and have Love, Harmony, and Understanding first...,
Peace comes naturally and in a much more Solid and Powerful way.

Russia and the USA have been at "Peace" for a long time, but there has been no Love, Harmony, and Understanding, and as we can see the "Peace" is beginning to fall apart.

Anytime there is a conflict, of any kind; Political, Religious, Racial, or Personal, with family or friends; without exception, the conflict begins with MisUnderstanding.

We first need to commit to Understanding ourselves. That will help us to then Understand others, and as we do, Love and Harmony will begin to flourish. We will then have a Solid and Powerful foundation of Peace!