January 2015

Ahhhhh... there is nothing like a fresh new year, full of unlimited possibilities and untapped potential.

Remember what Albert Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Make a commitment to yourself to change the things that are not working for you. You can start by simply beginning to become Aware. Begin to make an effort to really pay attention to what you are paying attention to. Ask yourself if this thought is moving me forward or backwards, is it helping or hurting, is it depleting me or Energizing me?

When we first begin to pay attention to what we are paying attention to, it can be a huge awakening! The first few weeks most people are taken back by how many negative or self-limiting beliefs they actually think each and every day.

When we change our thoughts, we change our reality. When we pay attention to what we pay attention to, we shift from living by default to Living on Purpose.

"Ignite Your Inner Torch" and make 2015 the year you become Empowered!