April 2015

One important element in creating what we want is to learn to live on Purpose. Many of us go through each day living by default. We can (sometimes) take on the challenges we face, yet feel we have zero control. That is living by default!

Learning to Live on Purpose is developing an understanding that our Reality can be controlled. We are the creators of our own personal Realities. This can be a hard concept to grasp. A simple exercise may help us begin to see that we do create our own Reality, either by default, or on Purpose:

Take a few minutes to get in touch with what you Think, Feel, and Say throughout your day. Now, as you get in touch with your Thoughts, Feelings, and Words; notice now how what you are Thinking, Feeling, and Saying, reflect the reality you are experiencing. Take your time with this and really think about it. As you do, you will realize that your Reality is a perfect match to what you have been Thinking, Feeling, and Saying.

There are many keys in learning to Live on Purpose. A great start is to Pay Attention to what you are Paying Attention to. Build an Awareness of what you are Thinking about, how you are Feeling, and what you are saying throughout the day.

If what you are Thinking, Feeling, and Saying is not what you want your Reality to be...; then shift your Thoughts, Feelings, and Words to reflect what you want your Reality to be. By becoming Aware of what we are Thinking, Feeling, and Saying, and then shifting it to match what we want our Reality to be, we will create the Reality that we want. 

Try this for one month and have fun with it. By the end of the month you will be convinced of how Powerful you are!
Make April the month that you make a commitment to Live on Purpose and become... Empowered!