September 2015

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge"
Albert Einstein

We can possess all the knowledge in the world, but if we do not have the imagination to apply it...., it is worthless.

A lack of imagination could even hinder our ability to learn. My son, who is in the Air Force, just finished learning Farsi at the Army Defense Language Institute in Monterey. Only 20% of everyone that is accepted to go to Monterey graduates. My son committed himself to learning the language, and he knew that he held more than enough knowledge than was necessary to pass the course. What he lacked was engaging his Imagination to See, Feel and Hear, himself pass. Because of this, he was unsuccessful at passing one portion of the test. He was one of only a few that was allowed to retake the test, causing him even more stress. After talking about what had happened, we realized that all that was missing was his Imagination.

We then worked on building his Trust and Belief in Himself and engaging his Imagination. Throughout the days that followed, he committed himself to Seeing, Feeling, and Hearing himself succeed. He then retook the test and passed!

We can study hard and learn many things, but if we do not combine what we learn with our Imagination, it will eventually fade away. Combining our Knowledge with our Imagination Empowers us to create a successful path to make our goals and dreams a reality. Dedicate the Month of September to Engaging your Imagination. The possibilities are endless!