July 2013

The Magic of Listening.

It can seem these days that we are being pulled from every direction possible.  We can easily now have more balls in the air than ever before. Most of the time we are able to do an amazing job at juggling all our responsibilities and are able to keep the balls in the air easily with a nice flow and rhythm.

Every now and then life may throw a little too much at once and before we realize it, all the balls that we were juggling in a nice flow have now crashed together falling to the ground creating chaos.

  Most of the time we know what happened and we know what to do to get back into our flow. But, we want to talk to someone, we want to maybe vent a little, just get out our frustrations and let someone know 

what happened and what is going on. We want to feel heard, no fixing needed, just to feel heard.

When someone we know, someone we care about, someone we love, or it could even be a stranger, needs to talk we have an opportunity to give a priceless gift. This is were the magic of listening comes in.  All we have to do is let them feel we are really listening to them.

That's all........

A Magical shift happens when we truly listen.  Creating a positive and powerful energy giving the receiver wisdom and strength. 

Sometimes we make the mistake to try to "fix" them... 

Especially if it is someone we love....  We don't want them to feel bad. 

So we think we may know what to say to "fix" their situation, but that is precisely when we stop listening and can be of no help to them.

Unless someone asks.... 

What do I do.. 

How can I....

then all they are needing is to be heard.

All they are asking is to listen.

The greatest and most powerful gift we can give is to just. . . Listen. 

Be sure the one sharing  with us feels like we have really heard

what they are saying.  That's all, simple, easy. . . Powerful!


Try it, and you will experience the Magic in Listening.