June 2013

Horses wear blinders, known earlier as Blinkers, to help them from being spooked and to stay focused, but they keep them. . . Associated to a very limited view.

Sometimes it is good to have our Blinkers on to help us stay focused on a goal.

However, if we are not trying to stay focused on a specific goal, our Blinkers will create chaos in our lives.

Anytime we lose control, or are stuck in a situation that we feel lost or cannot see anyway out..... It is because we are associated into the very real, but limited reality, caused by having our Blinkers on. 

All we have to do is remove our own Blinkers and we will then be open to and see Unlimited Possibilities.

We will be able to Disassociate ourselves with the situation, giving us Insight and Wisdom from a much Higher and more Powerful Perspective.

"When we take off our Blinkers... Our World Opens Up!"
Wade King