October 2014

A friend of mine shared with me that in her relationships she is always "one foot in - one foot out" This got me thinking and I realized from talking with a lot of people that this is actually very common.

When we approach a relationship, or even life, with "one foot in - one foot out" we will develop a type of security blanket... Serving a purpose in one way, but limiting us in many others.

The problem with this type of security is that it gives us a false perception of protection from getting hurt, and the illusion of being in control. It will also limit us in not allowing life to play out its full circle, which is critical for growth.

If we do not fully commit to a relationship, or life, then how can we honestly expect anyone else to?

Not committing totally by having "one foot out" is like dancing on "one foot". We can do it, but it will look and feel awkward, and we will always be out of sync. The "dance" is much smoother and more beautiful when we use "both feet."

Making an agreement with ourselves to always start any relationship, and life, with both feet in and fully committed will allow us to fully enjoy the "dance." Remember to stay committed and complete the "dance"... don't anticipate a stumble and step out before it has actually happened. Allow for a stumble or two until the "dance" is complete.

In order to seek out the true capabilities of each relationship, we must allow ourselves to be fully committed to our partner; both professional and personal. By staying in the "dance" we will learn the limitations and capabilities of each relationship, eliminating any false expectations and giving us the power to be in Full Control.

We would not want to do the Tango with a Two-Stepping Cowboy. Our commitment with our Tango partner will be totally different than it will be with the Country dancer. By being committed with both feet in, we will be able to get the best out of each and every relationship.

Just be sure to always allow yourself to fully enjoy the Dance..... with, "Both Feet"!!!!