November 2014

I was recently sent a question, which got me thinking...
The question was worded as follows:  

Hey There,
Hope all is well.
In your opinion, is a thought about "not liking someone" a negative thought?

If that someone is me... Then, yes, it is a very negative thought!!! : )

My actual opinion is that it is not a negative thought unless you allow it to affect you in a negative way. This in turn results in you effectively giving away your Power.

I think it would be almost impossible to "like" everyone.  To truly know how you feel about someone requires some insight. Here are 2 methods that can help you evaluate your thoughts/feelings when you "don't like" someone.

1) See if you can "Love" them.
We can Love someone but not "like" them.
What ever it is that we Saw, Heard, or Felt within another that caused us not to "like" them could always change.
Being able to Love unconditionally is a Powerful place to be. It will allow us to see them deeper than what they are showing from the surface.

2) Dig deep and see if there is anything about them that is being reflected from you.
We can not "see" anything that we do not already possess. Sometimes that someone who we "do not like" could be in our lives to simply help us see ourselves more deeply.

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
Carl Jung