October 2012

There is an energy that is available to us.... all of us.... Each and every day.... Each and every moment. This energy can be either Positive or Negative. The source of energy we choose to tap into is always within our control. 

We can tell which energy we are allowing by our thoughts and language. Allowing ourself to have Negative thoughts and language will create Negative results. Allowing Positive thoughts and language will create Positive results. 

Sometimes life may seem like an out-of-control train, barreling down the track about to derail at any time. It is during these moments that we have forgotten how truly Powerful we are. 

Being aware of our thoughts and language will give us the Power to stop that "run-away train" 

Being in full control of what energy we are tapping into is the key in creating what we desire and how we can reclaim our Power and..... Step Into Our Greatness!