June 2015

A good friend of mine from the Marine Corp recently retired and went on a 30 day cross country motorcycle Journey from Wisconsin.

He came upon a Monastery and decided to stop and visit.

He said: " I talked to a Monk today . . . and he didn't have anything interesting to say."

We both found that very amusing and it got me to thinking.

Sometimes we go on Journeys seeking answers outside of ourselves. Seeking answers outside of ourselves will rarely lead to an "awakening." On the same token, waiting for someone or something to change, and then thinking that the resulting change will make everything ok, is a set-up for guaranteed failure.

We must Trust and Believe in ourselves first, and then allow that to guide us from within. We will then experience the life outside of ourselves from a much wiser perspective, allowing us to see that our true Power always rest within.

Make a commitment in June to become Empowered. This can be done by developing a solid Trust and Belief in ourselves. As we do, we will see how everything starts from within, giving us the power to Be in Full Control!