April 2013

Sometimes we forget the power and stability within ourselves. We might get a small glimpse of this inner strength, but most of the time even this small glimpse is by default or by accident.

We go searching outside ourselves for something we feel is missing; like a dog chasing his tail.  Spinning in circles and never catching what he is seeking.

All the answers, without exception, come from the inside.  Everything that is pure, positive and powerful comes from within our very core. 
Anything that becomes reality begins from this powerful place.
This is our storehouse, our endless reservoir of. . .
Unlimited Possibilities   -   Unlimited Potential.

The chaos of everyday life may cause us to forget.  Forget the power and stability that lies within us.  We forget and seek outside ourselves for peace, happiness and answers.
Chasing in endless circles, becoming more and more confused, and feeling completely out of control.

Chasing our tails is easier today than any other time in history, due to the pull of our instant information, which ends up most of the time not being so. . . "instant."  It takes away valuable time for self-reflection and surfing the true information highway that lies patiently within ourselves.

We may wake up with great intentions;  happy and ready to go with our tails waging.  If we are not in harmony with ourselves, expecting or depending on outside circumstances to validate our intentions,
our own waging tail will catch our attention. We then quickly begin to chase after this wagging tail, not realizing that what we are chasing belongs to us.

If we want to be our very best  . . .
If we want to step into our greatness . . .
If we want to make a difference . . .
For ourselves and others,
we just need to set aside time each day for self-reflection.
Acknowledge ourselves . . .
Believe in ourselves . . .
Surf our very own inner highway where, Wisdom, Strength and Stability, come in unlimited supplies!

We will then be living on purpose;  Not by default or by accident;
Creating Pure Positive Power from within;  Becoming in harmony with ourselves, not even aware of our "wagging" tails. 

"Ignite Your Inner Torch!"