February 2014

"The inner struggle is extremely difficult for all of us, because we all have faults, severe ones, that we will struggle with forever.... It's wise to accept that faults are inevitable. Factor that in and keep going."

Alice Walker

I agree that we all have faults that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. I also agree it is wise to accept we all have them and to keep going.

However, it is my belief that we do not need to "struggle" with them. I feel we should acknowledge them and see what we can learn from them. Be curious about the "faults" we have. Ask a question to yourself. "What is the purpose of this fault I have? What can I learn from this? How can I improve or be better? What is this "fault" of mine not allowing me to see? Or, is it causing me to see a distorted reality that hides a part of the complete picture?

We can be in control by learning what our faults have to teach us; not repressing or fighting against them. As we are asking our questions from a point of curiosity, we can gain even more Power by inquiring from a Disassociated Place. By seeing yourself as if you are in a movie asking the questions, you will have insight from a Higher and more Powerful Perspective.

The next time you feel you are "struggling", take in a deep breath. As you release your breath, allow your body to become completely relaxed. As you continue to breathe long deep breaths, visualize or imagine seeing yourself from above. The answers that come may surprise you. The Control this gives you will Empower you!