November 2013

"There's a self expansive aspect of gratitude. 

Very possibly it's a little known law of nature:

the more gratitude you have, the more you have

to be grateful for."

Elaine St. James


With all of our daily distractions and responsibilities we can easily forget many of the "little" things that we have taken for granted.

Gratitude is a wonderful energy to be in, and it can include anything;  from being grateful for your family, to being grateful for running water, indoor plumbing, or toilet paper. .   : )


21 days is what it takes to make or break a habit, and Thanksgiving is the perfect timeto develop a Powerful Transformation.

Here is a fun challenge to create some of your own magic:  
Starting on Thanksgiving, or anytime this holiday season:

* First thing when you wake up each morning, consciously think of something you are grateful for.  

* As you go through your day, continue to have your background thoughts be based in gratitude. 

* Last thing before going to sleep at night, consciously think of what you have been grateful for.  

This will set up a nice foundation to for your 21 day Transformation.


As you go through each day in a grateful state of mind be aware of all the wonderful "coincidences" 

that begin to occur all around you and the positive effects that transpire in your life! 


Be committed - Make yourself reminder notes - Have Fun!