August 2012

What holds us up from creating the life we want are Roadblocks. 

These roadblocks can be from our past that we have set in place from an event that we don't want to or don't know how to deal with. 

We also set roadblocks up in our future, lacking confidence, self worth and anticipating problems or struggles that have not yet occurred. 

We tell ourselves that setting these roadblocks are for are own good not realizing by putting them in place we are only limiting our own ability to be strong, grow and be free to create what we want. 

The more roadblocks we have in our past or future, the harder it is for us to see and step into our Greatness. 

By slowly acknowledging and taking down each roadblock you have set in place you will be able to begin to build a solid foundation that will support the Amazing person you are, igniting your inner torch to not only serve yourself but all those around your creating the life you know is right for you!