May /June 2019

May/June 2019


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we can sometimes forget that we have Choices. We have Choices for every action, and for every decision, towards every goal that we make. We have a choice in how we respond.  We have a Choice in what we decide.  We have a choice in whether we accomplish our goals or not.

 When we fail to accomplish our goals, we may sometimes try to blame someone or something else as to the reason we “Failed.”  We do this in order to feel better about ourselves.  In actuality, it was our Choices that created our outcomes. If the outcome was that we did not “succeed”, the only way it could be considered a “failure”, is if we choose to give up.  Choosing to not learn from the outcome, and being open to the feedback of what is necessary to accomplish the goal is the only way to “fail”.

 One tool to use to Empower us to succeed is to remove the, “I Should’s”…,  “I Need’s”…, and “I Want’s”…, from our self-talk and replace them with “I Choose.”  

 Our “I Should’s”…,  “I Need’s”…, and “I Want’s”…, always have an underlying negativity, a heaviness about them, and they are usually followed up with a “but”:  

“I should exercise…, but…”

“I need to quit smoking…, but…”

“I want to become Empowered…, but…” 

Then comes a flood of reasons to justify why we are not doing what we “should”, “want”, or “need” to be doing.

 After someone completes their Transformational Journey with me, I check in from time to time to make sure they are still on track. With his permission, here is a response from one of my check-ins.

 “Sir yes sir.  I am indeed!  I am choosing to be successful my brotha.  Dude I have a good one for you.  I was listening to an eBook called the 10x rule by a motivational speaker named Grant Cardone.  At the end of each chapter he gives little tasks.  In one of those tasks he asks the question "If you knew you could accomplish any goal, what would that goal be?".  I was really impacted by that question because it made me realize, why can't I accomplish any goal?  Of course, anyone CAN accomplish any goal, we have just chosen not to in the past because of one excuse or another.  We've been conditioned to limit ourselves for whatever reason.  Parents, peers, etc... So now, I choose to free myself from those self-limitations, as I know they are not real and do not serve my interests.”

 When we replace the “I Should’s”, “I Want’s”, and “I Need’s” with, “I Choose…”, it Empowers us. It opens up doors to unlimited possibilities, giving us ideas and inspiring us to find ways to accomplish our goals!

“I Choose to exercise.”

“I Choose to quit smoking.”

“I Choose to become Empowered.”


Dedicate the Month of May and June to be Aware of how Powerful it is to say “I Choose”

Smile, Wade