April 2019

                                     Words Create


We don’t realize the Power that lies within the words that we speak.

Our words (the words we choose to use) reflect what we Believe, and determine how our individual reality is created.  

It is possible but rare when we choose our words on purpose. Most of the time, our words just flow out without us realizing that what we are saying is creating how we experience the world.

What we say (the words we use) doesn’t just create our own reality, It also creates an atmosphere that can have the power to influence the people around us.

 A friend of mine shared an experience he had in one of his college courses. One of his classmates told the Professor that she was confused. The Professor said not to use the word “confused” because it will spread to the other students and create more confusion.  A more positive way to express a feeling of confusion is to say that you just need more information so that you can understand it. It is important to not use negative terms or words such as “confused” to describe your thoughts.

We sometimes say other negative things like, “Life is unfair…, hard…,” or, “People are racist.”  What we may not understand is that by using these words we are creating that same reality.  Let’s use the term “racist” for an example. I personally am not a racist, and the words and thoughts I choose to use never reflect a racist mindset.  The circle of friends I maintain and the reality they create with their words doesn’t create a racist outlook on life either.  I’m not saying it doesn’t exist.  Just turn on any news channel and you will hear about racism.  It does exist because there are a lot of people that create it and perpetuate it by the words they choose.

I don’t have the Power to change other people’s words,  I only have the power to change my own.  

 Maybe, if we all decide to be aware and believe in the Power of our words,  we will begin to choose only the ones that create Harmony.  Maybe then, chaos, hate, and division will simply begin to fade away. No way of knowing for sure, but what is for sure, it that it is a Powerful place to start!


Dedicate the Month of April to be aware of the Power in the words you choose and choose only the words that match the reality you want to create.


Smile, Wade