March 2019

                                     Step Back and Breathe


There is an energy taking place in America, the Greatest Country on earth. Unfortunately, it’s not a particularly positive energy.  It is an energy that has the potential to divide this Great Country of Ours.

The right blaming the left…, The left blaming the right…,  Each side blaming the other of Dividing us!

 United We Stand…, Divided We Fall!

 Whichever side you follow…, whichever side you are on…  Take a step back…, and breathe. Allow your Heart and Soul as a Human Being to Shine through and reveal your Truth.  Allow Common Sense to flow forth, and enable you to take Responsibility for your own life. 

 America is unique.  America is one of the only places in existence that allows each and every one of us to choose…,

To Thrive.


To be a Victim.

Many strategies can be used to Oppress people.  Division is one of them.   Right now, there are those who are trying to push certain hot buttons to create unrest among us…, pitting one group against another.  A divided group is easier to Oppress.  Hence the saying, “Divide and Conquer”.

Yet, what we as Americans need to realize, is that even in the face of Oppression, we can choose to not be a Victim.  As a Victim, we give all of our Power, all of our Hopes, all of our Dreams to someone else and we become completely dependent upon them. 

Nobody can take away our Hopes and Dreams unless we allow them to.   Unless we choose  to give away our Power to someone else. Unless we allow our Gender, Race, or Sexual Identity to be used against us, to divide us, and become Victims. 

For every argument of Prosperity, we can show you Oppression, regardless of your Gender, Race, or Sexual Identity. 

For every argument of Oppression, we can show you Prosperity, regardless of your Gender, Race, or Sexual Identity.  This is a Fact!

 Remember, that regardless of our backgrounds…, we are all the same on the inside, we are all Human Beings with a Heart and Soul.  We are all Equal and we all can do and create whatever we Believe.

 It is time now, more than ever before, to step back, and breathe.  Allow our Truth and Common Sense to flow forth to Unite us and enable us to take Responsibility for our own lives. This is how we become Empowered.  

 Dedicate the Month of March to take a step back…, breathe…, and become Empowered.

United We Stand!

Smile, Wade