October 2018


Its not what you do, but How you Do IT, that makes the difference

A friend of mine from the Marines gave me his permission to share an exchange we had recently:

 He asked me,      “How is your business?”

I answered,         “It’s super busy!”

He said,              “Good for you.  You chose a wise business to get into.”

I replied,              “It’s not necessarily the business…, it’s how you run it.”

He said,              “You wisely chose a product and service that is in demand,

Some people choose to go to cosmetology school and think they are going to

get paid to put make up on…, not so wise.”

I said,                  "If you are a good cosmetologist, you will find plenty of people 

                            to put make up on and be successful”

 My friend had fallen into the “Grass is always Greener” delusion. He had no idea of what it took for me to build my business.

 It’s not necessarily what you “Do”, or “Choose to Do”, that creates Success…,   It’s how you Do “it”, that makes the difference.

 The most important step is to first Believe in Yourself…, and then apply that belief to give you the Confidence, Inspiration and Passion to do “it” better than anyone else can.

It will take Hard Work and Many Hours to be Successful, but the Magic is in the Belief in Yourself. 

 As you continue to Believe in Yourself…, the Hard Work and Many Hours will be Rewarded. 

 No matter what “it” is you choose to do…, if you Believe in Yourself…, 100%...: 

The Hard Work…, will not seem so hard,

The Many hours…, will not seem so many, and…,

You Will be…, Successful.

 Dedicate the Month of October to Believe in Yourself, and become Empowered with Confidence, Inspiration and Passion to be Successful!!!

Smile, Wade