September 2018




Most of the time the only one who really judges you is…, you.                                                        We seem to constantly Judge ourselves…, what we could have done…, what we should have done…  And most of the time we focus on the negative…, and we judge . . . Ourselves. 

We walk into a room with people we have never met, or even our own work place, and the self - judgement begins.  We think it’s the other people immediately judging us, but the truth is, it’s all originating from within.

We judge who we are, or are not, what we are doing, or are not doing.  Then, subconsciously, we will surround ourselves with people who support our beliefs.   Those who will see us in the way we see ourselves. To judge what we are or are not doing, what we have or have not done, good or bad, right or wrong, thus acknowledging our self-limiting beliefs, and therefore making them “Right”.

We will also tend to Judge others based on our experiences, our beliefs, without even knowing the person we are Judging.  We will Judge others to justify our beliefs, to help make us feel better about ourselves.  

But when the water stops boiling…, when the dust settles…, the truth is revealed.                      That truth is that we are not perfect.  Every one of us has, and will continue, to make mistakes. Yet, we are Magnificent in our own unique ways.  We are all doing the best that we can do.

The most important thing is how you see yourself.                                                                         The way we choose to see ourselves can either demoralize us…, or Empower us.                 Whichever one we choose…, we get to be right. 

As Henry Ford said:                                                                                                                       “Whether You Think You Can or whether You Think You Can’t…, You get to be Right”

And then, in order to be…, “Right”.  we subconsciously attract people, situations, and events to support us…, to Judge us. The reality, is that we are simply Judging ourselves.

We all have more potential…, more capabilities…, more Love…, than we will ever realize.We simply need to just stop Judging…, and Start LIVING!!!

“Dance as if Nobody is Watching” …, because remember…, most of the time the only one that is really doing the judging is ourselves… and anyone else who would judge…  well … they don’t  matter!

Dedicate the Month of September to Remember all of your Magnificence…,                                    and live each day without Judgement!

Smile,                                                                                                                                              Wade