APRIL 2018

                                                               Kick The Ball!

Have you ever been involved with a group or a project where it seems like nothing is getting done?

Several years ago, I was a part of a group like that.  We were tasked with the responsibility of organizing a charity project.  At the beginning, I made sure to let everyone know I was available to do anything that was asked. The only problem was…, nothing was being asked, and nothing was getting done.  I decided to step in to get the ball rolling.  Most of the group was very receptive, but a few became defensive.  This surprised me, due to the fact that my intention was not to take charge, but to simply gain direction and to get “something” happening.

I, personally, am a very simple, straight-forward man.  I like to be told the truth, as it is, and I will also state it as I see it.  It has not been nor ever will be my intention to dictate and expect everyone to blindly follow.  I also will never pretend to agree, nor would I want anyone else to!  

It does not matter if I am playing the role of a Coach or a Player.  I will always commit 100%.       As a Player…, I will Listen, ask questions if necessary, and perform with the rest of the team.          As a Coach…, I will Lead by example, Inspire, and Motivate to the best of my ability.

In my opinion, neither is more important than the other.                                                                    A bunch of Players without direction would be a disaster, and maybe worse…,                                  a bunch of Coaches without any players would be…, a waste of time.

If I see a game ball just sitting in a beautiful field of grass, I have an unstoppable desire to…,    KICK THE BALL !!!                                                                                                                      Because, if the ball sits on the grass too long, the grass under the ball will die.  As long as the ball stays moving…, everyone and everything benefits! 

Just because “I” kicked the ball does not mean that I kicked it the only way it can go, or even in the correct direction.  I just want to get the ball moving and keep it moving!                                          If you like where the ball is going, then get behind it and KICK it harder!                                          If you do not like where the ball is going then…, get behind it and KICK it in a different direction! Most importantly…, get behind the ball and KICK IT!!!

Whether you are a Coach or Player, an Employer or Employee, Teacher or Student, White Collar or Blue Collar…,                                                                                                                       Remember that the direction the ball is going is not as important as getting behind it, and keeping it moving!

Dedicate the Month of April to Acknowledge your relevance, and become Inspired to Kick the Ball!

Smile,                                                                                                                                                 Wade