March 2018



                                                    What is Success?

Success can easily be overlooked in our daily lives.  

A friend of mine shared something she heard at a seminar she attended,                                    “Once you make it to the top of a Mountain, you don’t stay there for very long”

Success is:                                                                                                                              Accomplishing Goals…, Winning a Competition…,                                                                           and, “Making it to the top of a Mountain”,  but it is also so much more.  

Success is not limited to just our big accomplishments.  It is also, and maybe even more importantly, our smaller daily accomplishments:

* Smiling at someone who is rude.

* Pushing past our comfort zone to improve ourselves.

* Being grateful.

* Learning something new.

* Loving our imperfections.

* Being on time.

* Growing from our mistakes.

* Forgiving.

* Going to bed with no regrets.

Don’t overlook the smaller, individual successes that we accomplish every day.  Remember, getting to the top of the Mountain, as thrilling as it is, is only temporary.  This is why our daily small individual Successes, like the examples mentioned above,  are the most Powerful Successes we can have.

The beauty of Success is that every day we wake up,                                                                           it is waiting for us.

Dedicate the Month of March to Acknowledge your Successes!

Smile,                                                                                                                                                 Wade