December 2018



Our minds are like containers, and our thoughts are like drops of paint.

Negative thoughts/energy are considered to be heavy - dark - black. Positive thoughts/energy are considered to be light - illuminating - white.

One drop of black paint in a container of white paint…,  will not create any difference.

However, if a few more black drops go in…, the contents in the container will begin to change. If we add more black drops, we will visually be able to see the contents in the container is different.   If small, seemingly insignificant, black drops continue to go in…, eventually the contents of the container will become completely black.

At anytime we choose, we can begin to add light - illuminating - white drops, back into the container, and in time it will become as it was.

It is important to understand that…, it takes a lot fewer black drops to turn the white paint to black, then it takes to turn the black paint back to white. 

This is why it is so important to take responsibility for our own thoughts and to be aware if they are negative or positive.  

The good news is, no matter how dark our container has become, purposely adding white drops back in, will begin to create a shift. With time, patience and persistence the Transformation will happen.

We always have the power to choose our thoughts…, “ black or white.” It has been and always will be up to us to decide in which way we will choose to think.

Dedicate the Month of December to choose what color drops you want to put into your container.  

Smile, Wade