November 2018

                             Life is Funny

It is easy to be Thankful..., to be Grateful…, when Life is easy.

What we forget…,   is that it is actually more Powerful to be Thankful / Grateful when Life is not "going" our way. 

When Life seems to be the hardest, or most challenging, is when we tend to react instead of taking the time to Learn, to Grow, to…, Respond.

We instead have a knee jerk reaction:

We resist…,

We get mad…,

We become resentful.


But these seemingly difficult events are actually telling us…, Reminding us…,

to “BE” Thankful.

To be Thankful…, for what we can overcome.

To be Thankful…, for the lessons we will learn.

To be Thankful…, for letting us know that we may have drifted off course.


It is reminding us that we need to pay attention. To really…, Pay Attention:

to Our Thoughts, 

to Our Feelings,

And to…, “BE”…,   Be Responsible and take Ownership of Our Reality.

These are the times when we need to Appreciate Life…,

These are the times when we need to be Grateful for Life…, The Most.


Dedicate the Month of November to pay attention to what you are paying attention to, and to “BE” . . . Thankful 


Smile, Wade