August/September 2017


Life is always moving forward…,  constantly, and powerfully.   We can try to resist it…, try to stop it from moving forward…, or we can choose to flow, and grow with it.

Attempting to resist, or stop life from moving forward creates a tremendous amount of stress.  It is like building a very unstable dam that can, and will, eventually break.  After the break we are completely drained and become stagnate, until we muster up enough misguided energy to build another unstable dam, and repeat the cycle again.  Nothing can heal or grow when we are constantly resisting and tensing up, or being complacent and stagnate.  Resistance and Stagnation create disease, because we have stopped life’s natural flow.

Nothing can be more important than to make regular check-ins with ourselves.  We need to make sure that we are not resisting our day, but flowing with it!

Bruce Lee is a perfect example of Flowing.  He was a strong, but relatively small individual at only 5’ 7” and 128 pounds.  Despite his small frame, he was able to easily take down heavier and stronger opponents who should have been able to crush him.  How did he do it?  Bruce Lee knew that trying to resist against the strength and mass of his oncoming attacker was not the answer.  He was able to easily defeat his opponents because he was a master of the “Flow”.  Bruce Lee would Flow with his opponents energy instead of resisting against it.

The first four letters in "flower" spell “Flow”  A simple flower can be a Powerful reminder for us to always pay attention to how we are "Flowing".

Dedicate August and September to see how Empowering it is when you choose to Flow with life!

Smile,                                                                                                                                              Wade