March 2017

                                      Thrive or Blame which will you . . . Choose?


Recently, I’ve noticed a trend in society’s current state of affairs.  It seems that instead of taking personal responsibility, many people are playing the “Victim” and the “Blame Game”.  They are trying to convince themselves, and others, that it is not their fault…, that they do not have any control over what is happening around them.  By choosing to be a Victim, they are giving away their Power.  Blaming everyone and everything except themselves can drown out any inherent Trust and Belief they possess within.  

Concerning ourselves with the beliefs of others can also aid us in justifying our Victimhood.  Take for example a large organized event or movement.  It feels good to organize or be part of a big event.  So much so, that we can allow ourselves to feel that by getting “involved” with something outside ourselves, that we are taking responsibility.  It’s easy to get swept up in the group’s common cause and forget about our own individual beliefs, leading to a sort of “mob mentality” about certain topics.  This, in turn, leads us to blame the “opposing group” for the problems we’re facing.  

There will always be causes and battles, that we can be a part of, that will assist us in blaming others to justify our Victimhood.  This group justification can become very big, and the bigger it gets, the more it will distract us from the fact that the Power always has and always will come from within.                                                                                                                                      

We will always be able to find something or someone to blame…,  it is actually very easy.          

Until we change from within, acknowledging our own Power…,                                                     Until we separate ourselves from the group dynamic…,                                                                  Until we take responsibility for our own lives…,                                                                              Until we Trust and Believe in Ourselves…,                                                                                           We will never Thrive!

This Trust and Belief in ourselves is critical to maintaining our Power.  It is ok to organize or be part of a big event to bring awareness to a topic you feel strongly about.  Yet, if you let yourself become engulfed in a movement without evaluating your true reasons for being there, you give away your Power, and continue to play the Victim and the Blame Game.  The Power, exemplified by people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln, came from within and was not the result of the beliefs of others.  It was their Trust and Belief in themselves that drew others to their cause.   

No matter what Gender or Race we are,                                                                                          Now more than ever, if we Choose to, We Can Thrive!                                                                         It takes hard work and dedication, but there is proof all around us of people from every gender and race Thriving!

No matter what Gender or Race we are,                                                                                          Now more than ever, if we Choose to, we can Blame others for not Thriving!                            Oddly, it takes just as much hard work and dedication, but there is also proof all around us of people from every gender and race Blaming!

Thriving and Blaming are like Oil and Water.  Both are very real, but they cannot be combined, they repel one another.                                                                                                                  Blaming is Giving up on Yourself, making excuses of why you can’t, trying to justify that it is not your fault.                                                                                                                                       Thriving is Trusting and Believing in Yourself, giving you the Power to Be in Control and accomplish anything you Choose to.

Think of the concepts of Thriving and Blaming as two very Powerful Rivers;  always flowing through life’s journey.                                                                                                                   Both Rivers are very crowded with people, both Rivers have many others to “Be” with and feel supported in!

The one on the left is the River called Blame.                                                                                  The one on the right is the River called Thrive.

For every Person that has Chosen the River of Blame to Repress them…,                                    There are other People that have Chosen the River of Thrive to Empower them, Believing in themselves and making this world a better place! 

When you Trust and Believe in Yourself, you become Empowered, and no one or nothing outside yourself can Stop You!

Dedicate the Month of March to Believe in Yourself . . . and Thrive

Smile,                                                                                                                                              Wade