October 2017

                                              Commitment vs Convenient

To be Successful in anything we have to be Committed.

The United States of America became the powerful place that it is because of individuals that were Committed to have a better life.  If these individuals just sat and waited until it was convenient we would still be under British rule.

Successful marriages are the result of Commitment, not convenience.  It takes 2 people to be Committed to staying together durning challenging times;  times when it may be a lot easier and convenient to just bow out.  A lack of Commitment is one of the reasons why so many marriages end in divorce.

Any professional athlete, or entertainer made it big because they where Committed.  They did not wait until it was convent to study, to workout, to practice, to get up, to make tryouts or get interviews.

Commitment is the Key ingredient of anyone who is Successful.  Success comes from being Committed; Committed to studying harder, to practicing more, to getting up earlier, to not missing a workout, and striving to be better than anyone else at what they are doing.

Commitment is also the Key ingredient of any Successful group or organization.  It is not always convenient to get up early, stay late, give up part of your day or weekend to make a meeting, be on prescheduled calls such as a mastermind/conference/networking or webinar, finish a deadline, be a member of a church, show up on time for practice with your team, band or any group that you are apart of.

To be good at anything we do. . .; to be respected for whoever we are,  (A Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, Employee, Employer, Friend or Fo); takes Commitment.

Dedicate the Month of October to make a Commitment to yourself, and to be the very best you can be at anything you have chosen to "Commit" to.

Smile,                                                                                                                                              Wade