August 2016


What we think and how we feel, will set us up to attract a matching reality.  Sometimes we can get stuck with negative thoughts and feelings, which then creates negative situations.  “How” do we shift out of these negative thoughts and feelings?  The answer is in the . . . “How.”

We are constantly asking ourselves questions through our thoughts, some questions are focused on possibilities, while others are focused on problems.  A lot of times when we are stuck, we just keep focusing on what we did or didn’t do to create the situation, or what we are not doing that we should be doing to start or complete a goal.

There is a type of question to ask that is simple yet extremely Powerful.  Questions that begin with, “How”….  “How” questions are the most Empowering questions we can ask ourselves. “How” questions bypass our conscious mind and directly stimulate our subconscious minds, opening up the door to unlimited possibilities, resources, answers, and our highest potentials.

* How am I going to . . . (get in shape? - stop smoking? - exercise more?)                                          * How did I allow . . . (myself to get angry? - him/her to pull me down or lift me up?)                       * How can I . . . (become organized? - calm? - relaxed? - patient?)                                                     * How will I . . .  (finish the project? - complete my goal? - reach out to others? - make today       great?)

* How did I accomplish . . .?                                                                                                           Answering this type of “How” question will give us clarity and assist us in acknowledging our accomplishments, which will in turn build our Confidence.

Be sure your “How” questions are focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want.  This will assist you in moving forward and guide you to create a positive and productive reality for yourself.  

This month create a “How” question and write it in Long Hand, on a 3 x 5 card.  Keep it with you and watch “How” resources that you already possess flow up from your subconscious, opening up incredible solutions and possibilities.


Dedicate the Month of September to Step into and Own your Greatness by asking “How.”

Smile,                                                                                                                                               Wade