August 2016






                                                               Life is a Mirror

Life is a Mirror, not only reflecting back to us who we are  but also reflecting back to us different situations to help us choose what we want.

A friend mentioned to me how pan-handlers really bother him.  We had a powerful conversation on Beliefs and how we cannot see something in someone else that we do not already possess within ourselves.  Two people who know the same person can see him/her completely differently.  One may see a very negative and irritating individual.  The other one may see a very positive and loving individual.

Which one is correct?  They both are, because they are just seeing themselves through that person.  Life always mirrors back to us who we are, the good, the bad, or the challenging. 

Instead of allowing the trigger of the “pan-handler” or anyone else to bother or irritate you, simply use that trigger to first Forgive yourself, and then to send that person Peace, Prosperity, and Bliss.

He also shared with me that he currently knows two couples that have both retired.  One couple has a trailer at the beach and just sits all day watching old concerts and movies, not really doing anything at all.  The other couple is always out and traveling the world, seeing amazing things, and having wonderful adventures.  The first couple he felt is throwing their life away, and he has lost some respect for them.  The other couple he felt is doing everything “ right” and admires them.

I believe that life does not just mirror back to us who we are, but we also attract situations and events that are mirrored back to us to help us decide what we really want.   

Treating life as a mirror will help us to see life in a much more powerful way.  It will help us to stop judging other people and situations which ultimately results in the judgement and punishment of ourselves.

Seeing life as a mirror will give us compassion…, without judgement…,  for the “pan-handler”, and ourselves.

Seeing life as a mirror will give us perspective…, without judgement…,  on how we want to live life;  “Relaxed”  - “Adventurous” - or something in between.

Dedicate the Month of August to become Empowered by seeing life as a Mirror Reflecting back our True Selves and Possibilities

Smile,                                                                                                                                               Wade