July 2016


                                                   Living from the Inside Out

It can be easy and seemingly natural to live from the “Outside In”, allowing circumstances and events “Outside” of ourselves to dictate how we feel.  Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite of how to be in control of our lives.  If we live life from the “Outside In”,   we have no control.  We then use excuses from “Outside” events and circumstances to justify why we are feeling sad, mad, overwhelmed, or stressed out.   

“Outside” events and circumstances will even justify why we are feeling happy or content, yet we must realize that we are still being controlled by whatever may be happening “Out There.”  

We become Empowered by living from the “Inside Out”.  

Developing an understanding and realization that we do create our own realities, (our own “Outside” events and circumstances), is accomplished by taking the responsibility of becoming aware of our own Thoughts, and most importantly, Feelings!  It is our true Thoughts and Feelings from “Inside” ourselves that then create our “Outside” realities. 

Often times when we set up a goal to create, quit, or improve something;  we do it for someone else.  We do it for:                                                                                                                                        our spouse, our kids, our parents, our friends, or …whoever. It is ok to set a goal and have a portion of our motivation be dedicated to someone or something outside ourselves, but the foundation has to be set from the “Inside”;  from within us!

If we live from the “Outside In”, we give away our power and become dependent on what other people think and feel.  Our actions may be well intentioned, yet they will continue to be dictated by the thoughts and feelings of others.  We will just keep spinning in endless circles, like a dog chasing his tail, and will never accomplish our goals.  Once we develop the understanding that negative people, events, and situations “Outside” ourselves can only affect us if we allow them to, those negative people, events, and situations will then lose their grip on us.

Living from the “Inside Out”, is the most important element in being successful at anything we do.  It prompts us to be aware of our Thoughts and Feelings, and understand that they create our “Outside” realities.  Living from the “Inside Out” is about acknowledging that we are Worthy.  It is about Respecting ourselves, Trusting ourselves, and Believing in ourselves.  When we do this, we then open ourselves up to feeling an incredible connection in knowing that we are a part of…, not separate from…, something greater than ourselves.

When you want to create something, quit something, or improve something;  do it for yourself, “Inside Out” first!  By living from the “Inside Out”, you will not only Empower yourself, you will be an even more Powerful Resource to everyone around you.  An Authentic Powerful Resource!

Dedicate the Month of July to become Empowered by Living from the Inside Out!!


Smile,                                                                                                                                              Wade