November 2016



                                                          The Art of Listening

As we get more and more technologically advanced, we are becoming more and more impatient.  Everything has to happen “now”.  With so many different methods of communication,  we are unfortunately becoming less deeply connected.  We are actually becoming less focused on the people around us.

We are pulled in so many directions ;                                                                                                We have FaceBook - Twitter - Tumbler - Flickr - Google+ - Reddit - Vine - YouTube - Askfm - VK - Whatsapp - Messenger - WeChat - Snapchat - Pinterest - Linkedin - Instagram…   We are posting - blogging - texting - emailing, not to mention phone calls and the old fashion snail mail.  

The combination of our increasing impatience, and being run ragged through all the various ways of communicating has led us tonot truly “hear” what people are saying;  we are too busy “replying”.  Our attention is distracted and we end up missing the most important part of communication…;  “Listening”.

Click on this link for a quick video that gives us a humorus perspective on Listening.

How many times have you shared something and felt as if the person you shared with did not “hear” you…?  They were not “Listening” to you.  Maybe they were focused on something else (such as the “nail”).  

How many times has someone shared something with you and you were not completely “present” with them?  You were trying to quickly fix their problem (like the man in the video) when all that they wanted and/or needed was to be heard…, to have someone listen to them.  

In this fast-paced age we live in, the superficial “quick fix” is becoming the norm.  We feel compelled to offer a hasty solution so we can move on to the next topic.  However, through this process, we are effectively losing the Art of Listening.

Be sure that when someone shares something with you, they feel heard.   Refrain from the offer of a “quick fix” until they have had a chance to express their feelings (and most importantly have asked for suggestions), because most of the time we are just wanting to express ourselves, not looking to get or be “fixed”                                                                                                                                 It is simple, yet more challenging now then ever. 

Dedicate the Month of November,  to strengthen your relationships through the Art of Listening.  Slow down…, Be Present…, and “Listen”.

Remember, “It’s not about the nail”.

Smile,                                                                                                                                           Wade